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      Mobile : +86 135 0167 5166

      Mobile : +86 139 1887 6277

Email : salac@jwell.cn

Email : salaa@jwell.cn

Address : No.18, Dong'an Road, Chengxiang Industrial Park, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province

 Company mail : sales@jwell.cn

 Complain mail:info@jwell.cn

Public transportation :

Pudong airport can walk to the airport long-distance passenger station and take the airport bus directly to Taicang bus station,
Hongqiao Airport can walk to Hongqiao Railway Station long distance passenger station west station, take long-distance bus to Taicang bus station

Car rental :
GPS map navigation can be input directly: JWELL Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd

The company's distance from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and railway station: about 50 minutes'drive,about 100 CNY online
Company from Shanghai Pudong Airport: 90 minutes drive, about 200 CNY
Company distance Taicang bus station: about 10 minutes’ drive, about 12 CNY
Company distance Taicang railway station: drive about 30 minutes, the cost is about 35 CNY
Company distance Taicang South Railway Station: driving about 25 minutes, network about 30 CNY

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